Our Story

At a time when the need to improve the future of our planet only grows with each passing day, few clothing companies — and even fewer children’s brands — are infusing ethical fashion and sustainability into the very fabric of their ethos.

Macrae Skye is different.

Inspired by her international experience — professionally and personally — Kim Slicklein, social entrepreneur, humanitarian and mother, founded Macrae Skye around a clear mission: to empower parents to choose stylish yet ethically made clothing, celebrating both a child’s individuality and global diversity. 

After living abroad in multiple countries and then moving back to New York, Kim recognized how much ‘culture’ played a role in the interpretation of fashion, clothing and style. 

She also observed that the most beautiful children’s clothing was often designed and made outside of the United States. Having built her career around sustainability, she was disappointed with the lack of options among sustainable clothing for children — particularly in styles that reflected the bright, bold colors, and inclusive energy unique to children raised in an interconnected world. All too often children’s clothing seems similar in design, pattern and color, and precariously gender specific — mostly lacking the unique character that reflect children’s individuality.

Macrae Skye is here to change that!  

So Kim set out to create a sustainable children’s clothing line inspired by our global community, while benefiting our local community. 

At Macrae Skye, we believe that children are now more than ever learning to celebrate the world as being both diverse and inclusive. They are more aware than previous generations, they have a powerful voice, and as a result, they are changing the future, a little bit, every single day. It is only natural that they dress in clothing that is as worldly as they are.

This is where Macrae Skye comes in.

Each piece is designed sustainably, with fabrics and prints that reflect the global community in which we are all a part of, and all have a responsibility to uphold.  Our design draws from specific cultural inspirations across the world — from Scotland to South Africa and beyond — making each piece as unique as the children that wear them.

Sustainability is synonymous with empathy, inclusivity, diversity, and the lasting effects our climate crisis will have on the children that inherit this planet.  Our thoughtfully designed garments carry meaning far beyond the depth of the fabric — rather, empowering children to be active in causes that can change the world for the better.

But making an impact globally often starts with trailblazing many small differences locally.      

Alongside the launch of the clothing line, Macrae Skye has pioneered its own circular economy initiative with the tomorrow SKYE program. 

Designed to remove clothing waste, tomorrow SKYE has developed a new method for encouraging worn and used clothing to have a second life, and to give back to those met with unimaginable circumstances.

We’re planning for a brighter tomorrow by helping those less fortunate today.

At Macrae Skye, we believe that everything will come full circle.