The Macrae Skye Process

Sustainability is synonymous with empathy, inclusivity, diversity, and the lasting effects our climate crisis will have on the children that inherit this planet.  Our thoughtfully designed garments carry meaning far beyond the depth of the fabric — rather, empowering children to be active in causes that can change the world for the better.

But making an impact globally often starts with trailblazing many small differences locally.

Alongside the launch of the clothing line, Macrae Skye is pioneering its own circular economy initiative with the tomorrow SKYE program to reduce waste; to extend the life of clothing; to help others in need; and to upcyle items that would otherwise be discarded.

Additionally, we have taken great lengths to ensure that all of our fibers and fabrics are sustainably sourced, all natural, and often organic.

Our designs embrace bold colors and prints found across the world — promoting diversity and inclusivity — making each piece as unique as the children that wear them.

We have partnered with a 3D technology company, which means that we can manufacture on-demand. This creates zero-waste from the manufacturing process because there is no need to manufacture items in advance or in bulk. Equally important is that this process does not require water or dyes.

We also design and make many of our products in the United States, therefore significantly reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating the heavy environmental cost of international shipping.

The best part about our process is that our clothing can be ordered on-demand, and shipped within 48 hours.